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Our clients:

Our company does not differentiate between orders submitted by individuals, legal persons, natural persons, state administration or local government authorities. 

We highly appreciate all our customers, we are grateful for their trust and confidence and their coming back again. 

Short list of referees:

• Delphi Slovensko (automotive)
• RF spol. s r.o. (automotive)
• Heiland Slovensko (automotive)
• IDH Slovakia (automotive)
• PSA Peugeot Citroen (automotive)
• Aplitec s.r.o. (engineering)
• RF Steel, s.r.o. (engineering)
• Schafy s.r.o. (engineering)
• Ruža Transport (transport and dispatch)
• Municipal office Malacky (local government)
• MAGNA AGM Slomatec s.r.o. (engineering)
• Goodman Group s.r.o. (advertising and media)
• Gonda – media (Switzerland –advertising and media)
• Ost-West Verein GmbH (Germany – education - media)
• Swedwood Slovakia s.r.o (wood processing and furniture industry)
• Swedspan Slovakia s.r.o. (wood processing and furniture industry)
• and many others 

It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our customer base.