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Commercial conditions


1. General 

These general commercial conditions apply to the overall business relation between the translator (company Ing. Milan Freund - MANAG) and his customer, unless other agreement was expressly concluded or something else follows from the law. By ordering translation / interpreting services, the customer is obliged to follow these General Commercial Conditions. 

The general commercial conditions of the customer are binding for the translator solely when their acceptance was expressly agreed. 

2. Making an order 

The customer makes an order in an electronic or printed form. Bearing in mind trouble-free cooperation, an order can be made by telephone or by other informal ways after paying an advance payment. Any problems that might arise due to this kind of order shall be borne by the customer. The translator shall translate the text to his/her best knowledge and belief. The customer shall be delivered the contractually agreed finished translation. 

The translator is not liable for any delays or deficiencies related to the translation that arouse due   to unclear, incorrect or incomplete order. 

3. The customer shall be cooperative and supply all the necessary materials 

The customer shall notify the translator in advance about any special requirements related to the translation (number of copies, type of data medium to deliver the finished work, external layout of the finished work, etc.). If the final translation is designed to be published, the customer shall provide the translator with a copy of the translated text to make proofreading. 

If there are any information or background documents that are necessary to make the translation, the customer shall provide them to the translator without delay and asking (abbreviations, images, glossaries, etc.). The translator is not held liable for any mistakes arising from the customer’s failing to comply with the obligation to be cooperative and supply the necessary information. 

4. Correction of shortcomings 

The translator reserves the right to correct deficiencies. The customer has the right to ask for the correction of possible shortcomings in final translations. If so, the customer shall spell out the shortcomings to be corrected. 

5. Failures, force majeure, network and server deficiencies, viruses

The translator shall not be held liable for any damage caused by technical problems or unpredictable conditions (natural disasters, communication failures, network and server failures, viruses, transmission failures, etc.). 

6. Liability 

Te translator shall render a complete, semantically and linguistically correct translation to his/her best knowledge and belief. In case of glaring shortcomings, the customer shall provide an in-depth description of the shortcomings and let the translator to do the necessary corrections or proofreading first. This also applies to express translations with a very short delivery time. 

In case there are no obvious improvements in the translated text, the customer has a right to a discount on the price of the translation or modification. Additional claims including those related to damage compensation are excluded. 

The Gazel company liability shall not exceed the value of the respective order. The translator is held liable only in cases of serious negligence and intent. In case of minor negligence, the translator is held liable only when not complying with the obligations stipulated in the contract. 

The translator shall not be held liable for any mistakes in the translated product that were caused by providing ambiguous, incorrect, incomplete or delayed information or materials or incorrect or illegible source texts 

In case the customer does not state the purpose of the translation, he/she is not entitled to the compensation of the damage incurred, if it is proved that the translation was not appropriate for the respective purpose. In case the customer does not spell out that the translation is designed to be published or does not provide the translator with the copy of the translated text before publication, any shortcomings shall be borne by the customer. 

In case of charging the translator of infringing copyrights by the third party, the customer is solely and fully liable and the translator is exempt from liability. 

7. Confidentiality 

The translator shall keep any information provided by the customer confidential in connection with the performance of the contract. If texts are transmitted electronically, the translator cannot guarantee confidentiality as unauthorized personnel may also have access to electronically transmitted texts and information. 

8. Withdrawal from the contract 

The customer has the right to cancel the order solely in the cases of delayed delivery of the translated text by the translator, of highly exceeding the deadline despite the fact the customer provided him/her adequate time to for making the translation in writing.  

9. Payment 

The invoice is due upon receiving the translated text or fourteen days after the invoice issue. In addition to the agreed compensation, the translator is entitled to reimbursement of actually incurred expenses as agreed by the customer. 

All the prices are without VAT. The total price for services will include VAT. 

In case of extensive translations, the translator has the right to ask for an advance payment which is reasonably necessary to perform the work. In justified cases, the translator may condition the delivery of the translated text by prior payment of his/her full fees. 

10. Reservation of proprietary rights and copyrights 

The customer owns the translation after full payment of the work. Until then, the company is the owner. The customer is the owner of the translated text after paying the invoice. The translator reserves his/her copyright.

11. Transmission, dispatch 

The customer shall bear the risks for electronic transmission of texts to be translated. The translator shall not be held liable for any defective transmission of texts or thier loss nor for the damage or loss related to the non-electronically delivered texts. 

12. Applicable law and effectivity 

Slovak laws govern the order and all the resulting claims thereof. Invalidity of single provisions has no effect on the applicability of the remaining provisions included in the General commercial conditions.

13. Seat of the court 

In case of disputes, the competent court is the court based in Malacky.