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Frequently asked questions:

• What is an unofficial translation?
 Unofficial translation is a translation that is not tied together with the source text. 

• What is official (legal) translation? 
In this case, the translated text is tied together with the source text and has the seal and  authorisation of a translator registered by the pertinent regional court. 

• What is a standard page (NS)? 
1 standard page = 1 800 keystrokes including one gap for each word. 

• How to calculate the number of standard pages?
It can be ascertained using the Microsoft Office application under the tab File–Properties–Statistics- -Characters including spaces-and multiply by 1 800.

• How to deliver the text to be translated?
It can be delivered anytime in person to the company, by e-mail, by mail or courier service.

• How will be the translated texts delivered?
We deliver translated documents by e-mail in case of legal entities. Official (legal) translations are delivered by registered mail. 

• Is it possible to get a discount price for translations?
Yes, it is. It depends on the extent of documents to be translated or the discount may be contractually agreed (applies mainly to legal entities).